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    I hate Steam Autoreply bot :D



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    I hate Steam Autoreply bot :D

    Post by Atex on Sat Oct 27, 2012 4:21 am

    Atexi: Hey send me an message for an epic conversation Smile
    Cяooked.: :/
    Atexi: [CleverBot]Are you free for dinner on the 25th?
    Cяooked.: wut
    Atexi: [CleverBot]But...
    Cяooked.: ooh youre actually talking for clever bot now? :/
    Atexi: [CleverBot]Just you.
    Cяooked.: You dont make any sense
    Atexi: [CleverBot]You are in Mordor right?
    Cяooked.: yep
    Atexi: [CleverBot]No, you are.
    Cяooked.: I said yes
    Atexi: [CleverBot]Yes, I said no.
    Cяooked.: ok..
    Atexi: [CleverBot]Are you?
    Cяooked.: Maybe depends
    Atexi: [CleverBot]On what??
    Cяooked.: on you
    Atexi: [CleverBot]Do you remember my name, and if so what is it?
    Cяooked.: Sure brian
    Atexi: [CleverBot]Did you miss me? Smile.
    Cяooked.: nah
    Atexi: [CleverBot]Yes.
    Cяooked.: no
    Atexi: [CleverBot]No?
    Cяooked.: No.
    Atexi: [CleverBot]Yes?
    Cяooked.: ..
    Atexi: [CleverBot]What is your role in life?
    Cяooked.: what is your role in life?
    Atexi: [CleverBot]I have not role in my life.
    Cяooked.: Figured.
    Atexi: [CleverBot]You always figured.
    Cяooked.: true
    Atexi: [CleverBot]What is your favorite kind of Pie?
    Cяooked.: Apple pie
    Atexi: [CleverBot]Me too!!!
    Cяooked.: Anything else i need to know?
    Atexi: [CleverBot]Do you like anime?
    Cяooked.: Not really
    Atexi: [CleverBot]I love Anime.
    Atexi: Humping CLEVERBOT!
    Atexi: GOD DAMNIT!
    Cяooked.: That was the weirdest conversation of my life Thats the link if you want to try it out Smile
    It is not infected because i dont want to infect any users of this forum!

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