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    Start and meaning of life video? my mind = blown


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    Start and meaning of life video? my mind = blown

    Post by Rev0lt on Wed May 02, 2012 9:47 pm

    Heres a very very interesting video i came across earlier this year that really changed the way i think on human life, its pretty sci-fi/unrealistic to start but when all the pieces fall into one picture its actaully pretty scary, this guys theroy puts together every single thought and idea humans had about life origins and makes them into one, just be a tad open minded at the start cause at the end when it all comes together its pretty head scratching and makes you think due to the fact that our origin just might be as crazy as this....mainly saw kamay starting these sort of threads but should give it a look. I don't really believe all of it but it did make me wonder and has a few good points

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